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Maria Flores (Mars) is the artist behind SAY HOLA.  Her creative vision is positive, colourful & intuitive, celebrating all that she connects with.    

Saying 'HOLA' (HELLO) welcomes new opportunities, it makes room for good things & opens up new chapters...it starts a dialogue & creates connections.  

Hands are an important part of Maria's artistic expression.  They're the givers, the takers, the nurturers & the makers.  The patterns within each hand is a reference to the unique story that everyone holds in their palms.   The hand silhouette is is a symbol of protection, used as an amulet in many cultures.  Mars also pays honour to her Latin culture, often finding Spanglish & reference to her roots woven into her work.  

Mars has been recognised for her diverse work & has collaborated with many brands to create something unique, soulful & playful. See COLLABORATIONS tab for more information on how you can work with her.  

When you purchase a piece trust that it’s created, designed & made in Australia with good intention & an abundance of love.  

For all enquiries go to the CONTACT tab or email directly to hello@sayhola.com.au